Dalibor Černák | graduated at JAMU in Brno -  got master degree from musical acting. Was one of founders of G-Studio. And was the one who bring scenical projection to Brno City Theatre.

Petr Hloušek | got master degree at VŠVU Bratislava -  from illustration. For over  15 years is working at field of graphical design and for last five years has been extensively focused on multimedia and CG animation.

Tomáš Štursa | aka grambler from Horní Heršpice, 24/7 a week he is ready to be technical support for everything. And he is the only one who can say: this won't work at least not now, give me an hour.

Petr Boban Vejslík | camera operator of many film and television projects. From the most recent it is T.M.A., Hraběnky, Snowboarďáci etc.

Ondřej Trněný |